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Billund Builds Development


Questionnaires for evaluation of Billund Builds Development
The overall purpose of Billund Builds Development is to further develop Billund Builds as an approach to and method of creating educational environments and learning experiences in public day-care facilities and schools in the Billund district, where form and content is co-created by children and adults through experimental, playful and creative processes.

In relation to this, an evaluation of the learning project will be completed. Since you as the pedagogical personnel, leaders and students have important perspectives of Billund Builds Development, we would like you to answer this questionnaire.

We ask you to answer the questionnaire whether or not you have participated in Billund Builds. If you have not participated, it will take about 5 minutes to answer the questionnaire – if you have participated, it will take about 15 minutes to answer.

There are questionnaires for: 

Child in kindergarten:
We would like the parents to help their child / children answer the questionnaire.

Students up to 5th grade

Students from 6th – 9th grade

Adult  – day care

Adult – school


The answers are anonymous.
We hope that you will take the time to answer the questionnaire.

Børnenes Hovedstad
Billund Builds Development er et projekt i Børnenes Hovedstad A/S.
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